The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends every child to have an initial orthodontic consult no later than age 7. Although orthodontic treatment is not needed for everyone at this age, occasionally the situation requires an early intervention. Even if the patient does not need orthodontic treatment immediately, monitoring the child's growth and development is sometimes necessary.







Most of the adult teeth come out at around age 10-14, making this the most commonly selected time period for full orthodontic treatment. Children's adaptability and biological activity tend to make the treatment very effective. However, the patient's oral hygiene and dietary habit should be watched, since keeping the teeth in healthy condition is one of the most important things throughout the treatment.





Contrary to most people's belief, there is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. Patient motivation and good communication allow for an efficient and pleasant treatment. Since there is no potential for further jaw growth as adults, the case needs to be carefully evaluated by an orthodontist that has a full understanding of the patient's main concern.





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